The Slammer

The Slammer is made out of 1,000lb of aluminum and designed and manufactured in the United States. Get one today for all your high performance needs in the bedroom!

CUSTOMIZE IT with STORAGE, WIRING, LIGHTING, and more! Order today to get started with the competitive edge!

Floating Triple Monitor Desk

This computer desk is adjustable and reinforced with an extremely solid floating screen system that supports up to 50″ displays.

It’s great for all kinds of gaming, drafting, CAD, video editing, and graphic design work.

Racing Simulator Desk

This desk includes an adjustable workstation cockpit that can be used with any racing seat, racing wheel or keyboard and mouse.

Desks can be special ordered for custom applications.

Portable Paint Booth Filtration System

Turn any garage into a Paint Booth with this portable paint booth filtration system that uses triple filtration along with 6 industrial tube axial fans to sanitize the air inside your garage for HVLP painting. It uses the same triple filtration
system on the exhaust to prevent the toxic fumes from entering the atmosphere, wildlife, and the environment.